Holly Elementary

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Social Responsibility

At Holly, we place a great deal of emphasis for students to be socially responsible citizens. We acknowledge students every week with the Holly Star Citizen for acts of kindness or who provided a helping hand with school service. Our H.A.C.E (Health and Career Education) curriculum has a component that teaches children to be empathetic, inclusive and to accept diversity. Our PAC often supports the school with bringing in outside programs like Stand By Me to assist with what is already happening in the classrooms. We have many opportunities for students to participate in leadership opportunites; whether it is a student initiative such as the We Day fundraisers or a school service role, students of all ages can be involved and supported by a staff mentor/sponser. We also take pride with a strong track record of compliments about Holly students good behaviour on fieldtrips, the high degree of sportsmanship our athletes bring to sports or as a respectful yet participating audience at school events. This creates a safe and positive learning environment at our school.