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Welcome to the Holly Parent Community

Our Holly base parent community is a supportive one that participates in many capacities at our school. First and foremost, they advocate for their child and their learning and social needs. Teachers communicate through the student planner with any concerns; however, if a parent has concerns, please write a note in your child's planner or contact the school at 604-946-0218 to make a appointment or to leave a message for the school staff to return your call.

Parents of enrolled students at Holly are automatically part of the PAC (Parent Advisory Council). This council has an elected executive that meets with the principal before hosting PAC meetings each month for any Holly parent to attend. The PAC supports the school with it's goals through purchase of materials that enhances the child's educational opportunities at Holly in addition to supporting the school staff with the directions and vision of school goals. For example, purchases books for our library, pays for the cultural presentations we host for our children, organizes hot lunch, a spring fair and more!  Our community is stronger with the tireless efforts that our parnets volunteer their time for to support our students and staff.

One recent focus we have had at Holly is recognizing that our students  are '21st Century Learners.' Born with a cell phone and Internet in hand, these students will interact socially and integrate their applied inquiry skills with technology. Please click on the link below to learn more about on-line networking awareness and Internet safety.

Tips for Parents about the Internet