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Join Us For A Special “Holly Day”

We are very excited to announce that we are planning a special celebration of our students and school on Monday, June 25th. While our grade seven students are away for the day celebrating the end of their time here at Holly, the rest of us will be looking back on another great year here at our school. We are planning a variety of fun things throughout the day

Grade 4-6 Recognition Assemblies

We will be holding recognition assemblies for our grade 4-6 students throughout the day. Pease note that the format for our grade 4-6 assemblies has changed. We will be holding smaller assemblies by division in the Multi-Purpose room throughout the day.  Each student in grade 4-6 will be recognized for something special about him or her. Family members are welcome to attend the applicable assembly. See the schedule below.

9:00        Division 8 (Nielsen)

9:40        Division 6 (Martin)


11:10     Divisions 7 & 9 (Bhullar/Whitely & Grazier/Parassidis)

12:20 – 1:05 LUNCH

1:15        Division 5 (Mullan)

2:00        Divisions 3 & 4 (Rowa & Retallick)

Plans for Our Primary Students

Our primary grades will also be involved in some special events on the 25th. The kindergarten and primary classes will be outside on the playgrounds, upper and lower basketball courts and on the cement area by the daycare door between 1 and 3.  Classes will be coming out on their own schedule and enjoying some time exploring with bubbles, chalk, skipping ropes, balls and playground equipment.

Fun for All

As you can see from the schedule above, we are extending our recess for our “Holly Day.” Staff will be giving out freezies to all of our students at that time as a special treat (as usual, we ask that parents and relatives not be on the grounds during recess to help ensure student safety). We have also declared June 25th “Black and Yellow” day and are encouraging everyone to wear our school colours and or school spirit wear to celebrate successes big and small.

Kindergarten Registration

What do I need to bring?:

  • Original birth certificate or passport (no copies accepted) for child. Registrations will be not be accepted unless you have one of these.
  • Original birth certificate or passport of one parent (no copies accepted).
  • Proof of Residency: either your rental agreement or if you own your home, last years Corporation of Delta Tax Notice
  • Copy of the immunizations your child has received.

Feel free to call the school office at 604-946-0218 if you have any questions.

Starting with Stories at Holly

May 14 & May 28

Holly Library  9:00 – 10:00 a.m.

The countdown to Kindergarten has begun, with Holly Elementary hosting a program called “Starting With Stories” for all children attending Kindergarten in September of 2018. Parents and 2018 Kindergarten students should attend together. Babysitting will be provided for siblings.