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March 1, 2018 Newsletter……


Spring Cleaning??? – Maybe You Can Help….

We are currently acquiring resources and materials to support the new Applied Design, Skills and Technologies (ADST) curriculum here at Holly

What is ADST and Why is it Important?

The ability to design and make, acquire skills as needed, and apply technologies is important in the world today and a key aspect of educating citizens for the future

The new Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (ADST) curriculum is an experiential, hands-on program of learning through design and creation that includes skills and concepts from traditional and First Peoples practice; from the existing disciplines of Business Education, Home Economics, Information Technology, and Technology Education; and from new and emerging fields. It envisions a K–12 continuum fostering the development of the skills and knowledge that will allow students to create practical and innovative responses to everyday needs and problems.

What You Can Do to Help

Before we go out and buy materials, we thought we’d give you a chance to get a jump on your Spring Cleaning! If you have any of the following and would like to donate it to the school, we would gratefully accept. Thank you, as always, for your support of the school

We are looking for:

  •  Lego
  • Meccano
  • K’nex
  • Duplo
  • Wooden Blocks

 Please place materials in the bins in the hallway at the front office.


Spring Clothing Drive

Our Spring clothing drive will be held from Friday, March 9 – Thursday, March 15.  Pack up your re-usable and damaged clothing, shoes, purses, hats, backpacks, linens, etc. into sturdy garbage bags and drop them off in the hallway outside the gym.  The donations will be picked up by Trans-Continental Textile Recycling Ltd and distributed to developing nations or recycled into rags for sale to local companies.  Holly School will be paid by the pound, raising funds for our students.  We will require volunteers to move and count bags in short shifts of 15-30 minutes!

Contact Shannon Wood at if you’re interested in helping  

Preparing for Kindergarten Workshop

Monday, March 12 and Wednesday, March 14

Click on link for more details.

Preparing for Kindergarten Workshop March 2018


Registering for Kindergarten

 At the time of registration, the following original documents must be provided:

  1. Proof of birth date for the student (birth certificate or passport) (registration will not be accepted until proof of birth date is received)
  2. Proof of citizenship for both the parent and the student (Canadian birth certificate, citizenship card, passport, landed immigrant document, permanent resident card)
  3. Immunization record, Care Card, medical and emergency contact information
  4. Proof of Residency (Property Taxes – current receipt, purchase/rental agreement or rental receipt, District Verification of Address by Landlord form, if.none of the above is available)

Non-Catchment Applications – if you would like to request that your child attend a school other than their catchment school, a non-catchment application form should be completed and submitted online or to their catchment area school starting February 5, 2018 at 8:30 a.m.

Applications will be date and time stamped, however, a number of factors are considered when determining whether these applications will be successful or not. Schools will hold non-catchment forms until approved by the Assistant Superintendent. Approvals will be processed as soon as possible, but may be held until the second week of September, therefore, parents should register their child at their catchment area school to ensure a placement. No approval of non-catchment requests may be given at the school level.


Hoop Shoot 2018

Hoop Shoot competitions between the South End schools will take place on Tuesday, March 13th at South Delta Secondary School, 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.



3:30-3:45pm     Welcome and Introduction

3:45 -4:45pm    Finals

Approximate Times Gymnasium
Grade 5 Girls 3:45 – 4:00pm Main Gym
Grade 5 Boys 4:00 – 4:15pm Main Gym
Grade 6 Girls 4:15 – 4:30pm Main Gym
Grade 6 Boys 4:30 – 4:45pm Main Gym
Grade 7 Girls 4:00 – 4:15pm Small Gym
Grade 7 Boys 4:15 – 4:30pm Small Gym

4:45 – 5:00pm  Awards Presentation



Basketball will soon be winding down for our Grade 6 & 7 teams.  Season-end tournaments will take place at Sacred Heart School as follows:

Grade 6 Boys                                   Monday, March 5 beginning at 3:15 pm

Grade 7 Boys                                   Tuesday, March 6 beginning at 3:15 pm

Grade 6 Girls                                    Wednesday, March 7 beginning at 3:15 pm

Grade 7 Girls                                    Thursday, March 8 beginning at 3:15 pm


Lacrosse Camps coming soon!

Four lacrosse camps are being offered by the Indigenous Education Department. These camps will be run Nathan Wilson, Indigenous Cultural Enhancement Worker, who is a certified Lacrosse Coach. The camps are offered to all Indigenous students and are open to Non-Indigenous students should they wish to attend as well. These camps are free!

The camps run from 3:15 to 5:00 p.m. and healthy snacks are provided.

School Address Date
Chalmers Elementary 11315 75th Avenue, North Delta, B.C. Monday, February 19
Cliff Drive Elementary 5025 12th Avenue, Tsawwassen, B.C. Monday, February 26
Gibson Elementary 11451 90th Avenue, North Delta, B.C. Monday, March 5
Ladner Elementary 5016 44th Avenue, Ladner, B.C. Monday, March 12

Arrangements for pick up and drop off are the responsibility of parents.

Pre-registration is required.

If you have any questions, please email Diane Jubinville, District VP, Indigenous Education:

Sponsored by ISPARC


Spring Plant Fundraiser


 Holly Elementary is planning a spring Plant Fundraiser in time for Mother’s Day.  The proceeds of this school Fundraiser will help support various school initiatives.

Click on this link to print the order form Spring Plant Sale Order Form 2018

Orders along with payment must be received in the Holly office by 9:00 a.m. on Monday, April 23, 2018.

Plants will be ready for pick up on WEDNESDAY, MAY 9 at 1:30-3:30 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room.


French Immersion – Enrolment Process

There is an Enrolment Process by which families need to proceed if interested to register a child in a French Immersion Program, either for the Early French Immersion Program or the Late French Immersion Program. An application form needs to first be completed and submitted by the deadline of each year, which demonstrates a commitment by the families to register their child in the designated program if their child is accepted and to understand that there is a commitment for the child to stay in the French Immersion program until Grade 12, where families understand that their support and encouragement will be very important throughout the child’s journey of learning in the French Immersion program.

How to Apply to French Immersion

  1. Online applications open Dec 21st, 2017- parents apply by entering their details, their child’s details (one application per child), choose their preferred top threeFrench Immersion school choices and submit their application by the appropriate deadline:
    Early French Immersion (Kindergarten-Grade 12) 4:00pm Friday, February 2nd, 2018
    Late French Immersion (Grade 6-Grade 12) 4:00pm Friday, March 2nd, 2018
  2. An e-mail communication to each applicant will be automatically generated once the application form has been completed. If you have not received the e-mail Confirmation of Application then you have not successfully applied.
  3. If applications exceed space available, six priorities are used to select students: Students living within the French Immersion School’s catchment area who have siblings in the School’s French Immersion program.
    Students living within the French Immersion School’s catchment area who do not have siblings in the School’s French Immersion program.
    III. Students living outside the French Immersion School’s catchment area who have siblings in the School’s French Immersion program.
    IV. Students living outside the French Immersion School’s catchment area who do not have siblings in the School’s French Immersion program.
    V. Students living outside Delta who have siblings in the School’s French Immersion program.
    VI. Students living outside Delta who do not have siblings in the School’s French Immersion program.
  4. Where applications exceedplaces available in any priority, placement will be determined on the basis of a draw, that is not determined by order of application. The draw will take place on the following dates: The Early French Immersion (Kindergarten-Grade 12) draw will be Feb 7th, 2018
    The Late French Immersion (Grade 6-Grade 12) draw will be Mar 6th, 2018
  5. Successful applicants will be placed at a French Immersion school. All other applicants will be placed on a waitlist.
  6. Successful applicants will have to register at the French Immersion School they have been accepted to and will need to provide the following documents at time of registration:
    Proof of birth date (Original birth certificate or passport)
    • Proof of citizenship for both the parent and the student (Canadian birth certificate, citizenship card, passport, landed immigrant document, permanent resident card)
    • Immunization record, Care Card, medical and emergency contact information
    • Proof of Residency (Property Taxes- current receipt, purchase/rental agreement or rental receipt with address)
For more information contact:

Gwenaelle Oger-Black

Modern Languages Coordinator



Track and Field Season

Track season has arrived! Students in grades 4–7 will begin training on Tuesday, April 3rd for the Regional Track Meet, which will be held on Tuesday, May 8th (alternate date is Thursday, May 19th) for athletes that qualify.

Running Practises will be on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:45-8:45 a.m. rain or shine.

Students start in the gym.  Doors open at 7:40 a.m.

Field event practises will be held at lunch and announced by their coaches.

 Students are reminded to attend track and field practices consistently, and to listen to announcements for updates to practice times.

 Mr. Thompson and Ms. Alkema