Holly Elementary Christmas Toy Drive

It’s that time of year again. As in years past, Holly Elementary will be participating in the Stockings for Kids program benefiting the children and families of Delta who are in need.

We have had such a tremendous response in the past years and everyone has been so generous during this time of year. Our Holly community is one of the major contributors to Stockings for Kids.

Classes will be given stockings that represent children in need. Each class will be given stockings for a boy and a girl. The children are welcome to bring a gift for either boy or girl.

Div 15 (K) – 5 years old

Div 14 (K) – 6 years old

Div 7 (Grade 4) – 10 years old

Div 6 (Grade 4/5) – 10 years old

Div 13 (Grade 1) – 7 years  old

Div 12 (Grade 1) – 7 years old

Div 5 (Grade 5) – 11 years old

Div 4 (Grade 5/6) – 11 years old

Div 11 (Grade 2) – 8 years old

Div 10 (Grade 2/3) – 8 years old

Div 3 (Grade 6) – 12 years old
Div 9 (Grade 3) – 9 years old

Div 8 (Grade 3/4) – 9 years old

Div 2 (Grade 7) – teenagers

Div 1 (Grade 7) – teenagers

This is a great opportunity for parents to talk to their children about the importance of giving. Try and let your child choose the gift, it gives them a sense of pride and responsibility.

The toys and gifts do not necessarily have to fit the stocking. Please bring in new and unwrapped items. Some suggestions are: books, action figures, dolls, games, craft supplies, Lego, etc…

Teen gift ideas: gift cards, make- up, ball caps, sports equipment, books, scarves and accessories….

The stockings will be ready in each classroom by Monday, December 3rd and will be picked up by Friday, December 7th.

Thank you for your support,

Holly PAC