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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Greetings from the PAC and welcome back to school! I hope you’ve had a good summer and had a chance to rest and have fun.

We want to extend a big welcome to new families joining us at Holly, as well as to new teachers, EA’s and our new principal, Mr. Scott Preddy. To start off the year the PAC will be hosting a Welcome Back BBQ on Thursday September 7th from 5-7pm. Traditionally the BBQ is a potluck. The PAC will provide the hotdogs (beef and veggie) and we ask that grades 1-3 bring a side dish (fruit, salad, veggies, etc), grades 4-6 bring a dessert and grade 7 bring drinks (pop, juice, carbonated/still water, etc). If you have kids across multiple grades, you can choose the category you want to bring. Please take home what you brought when you go home to help with the cleanup. We’ll have some tables and chairs set up but feel free to bring a blanket and lawn chairs to sit picnic style. A link will be set out for volunteers to help with clean up but we welcome those who are there at the end to help regardless if you signed up or not!

PAC general meetings will be on alternate Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7-8pm in the library. Zoom will also be an option. The first meeting will be on Tuesday Sept. 26th. Please come and check us out and find out what goes on around Holly. We will also be hosting a couple of coffee drop-ins on Wednesday Sept. 6th and Tuesday Sept 12th outside the front of the school at school drop off time.

Come enjoy a free coffee and learn more about the PAC. Any PAC related questions please email Looking forward to a great year!

Rachel Siu

PAC Chair

Homestay Opportunity to Host International Students

International Programs-Do Something Great Homestay Information 2023

Hello Delta School District families,

Delta School District International Programs needs more homestay families for international students
coming to Delta School District for September 2023. They will arrive from all over the world and have a
strong desire to be in Delta.

Hosting a student comes with a reimbursement of $1100 per month for expenses. Multiple students from different nationalities can be hosted in one home.  They are looking for a family connection and being a part of a family during their stay in Delta. Their study periods range from 3 months to multiple years. If you are interested in hosting, please reach out to If you are not able to host but know of a family who can, please send them our way. There are referral bonuses available for referring families that host students for September.

Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel with testimonials from current homestay families.

Here are a few quotes from some of our valued homestay families:

“Our family has been hosting students in our home for awhile now. Last fall we had a wonderful young
man come and stay with us from Brazil. He was kind, polite, made many friends and was respectful of our house rules. His family came to visit him and immediately we all got along and it felt like we were family even though they didn’t speak much English and we didn’t speak Portuguese.”  “Tomorrow will be a sad day when we drop her off at the airport and hug her goodbye for the last time.  But tonight was filled with laughter and joy celebrating accomplishments and a long successful future she
has ahead! We hope our paths will cross but for now we leave with the best possible conclusion we could offer.”

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Holly’s Most Serious Safety Concern

In consultation with our PAC we strongly feel that our most serious and worrisome safety concern at Holly is our parking lot pick up and drop off especially on rainy days.  The key to improving safety is for parents that are picking up or dropping off not to leave their vehicles unattended in the drop off zones. It is critical that vehicles in these zones continue to move forward as space becomes available.  We fully understand that parents picking up our youngest students and who have toddlers in the car may want to leave their car unattended but we respectfully request that you find a place to park to do this.  Thank you for your help and support.

Government Grant for those born in 2006 or later

For more information go to this link:

Job Application Form For Noon Hour Supervisor