PAC Yearly Calendar 2017-18

Oct-13 Family Movie Night 7 pm in the gym
Oct-18 Hot Lunch (hotdog/sushi)
October 24-27 Scholastic Book Fair
Oct 27-Nov 2 Clothing Drive
Nov-09 PAC General Meeting
Nov-15 Hot Lunch (pizza)
Nov-18 Holly Family Xmas Market
Dec-01 Pancake Breakfast
Dec-08 Family Movie Night 7 pm in the gym
Dec-13 Treat Day
Jan-06 Christmas Tree Pick Up
Jan-15 PAC General Meeting
Jan 17 Hot Lunch (Subway/Cobs)
Feb-21 Hot Lunch (hotdog/sushi)
Feb-26 PAC General Meeting
Mar-14 Treat Day
Apr-04 PAC General Meeting
Apr-18 Hot Lunch (pizza)
May-09 Hot Lunch (subway/cobs)
May-11 Spring Fair
May-16 PAC General Meeting
Jun-06 Treat Day
Jun-15 Sports Day