PAC Yearly Calendar 2018-19

September 6
Back to School BBQ
September 26Hot Lunch (Subway)
September 26General PAC Meeting 7 pm
October 9Snack Day ($2 popcorn at recess)
October 17Hot Lunch (Sushi/Hot Dogs
October 18-25Fall Clothing Drive
October 23-25Scholastic Book Fair
October 24Family Night at the Scholastic Book Fair
November 7Hot Lunch (Jugo Juice/Cobs
November 13Snack Day ($2 popcorn at recess)
November 17Holly Family Xmas Market and Bake Sale
November 21General PAC Meeting 7 pm
November 28Hot Lunch (Pizza)
November 30Pancake Breakfast
December 7Treat Day ($2 Purdy's at lunch)
December 19Hot Lunch (Subway)
January 8Snack Day ($2 popcorn at recess)
January 16Hot Lunch (Sushi/Hot Dogs)
January 23General PAC Meeting 7 pm
February 6Hot Lunch (Jugo Juice/Cobs)
February 12Snack Day ($2 popcorn at recess)
February 20General PAC Meeting 7 pm
February 26-28Scholastic Book Fair
February 27Hot Lunch (Pizza)
February 27Family Night at the Scholastic Book Fair
April 3Hot Lunch (Subway)
April 5-11Spring Clothing Drive
April 12Treat Day ($2 Purchy's at lunch)
April 17General PAC Meeting 7 pm
April 24Hot Lunch (Sushi/Hot Dogs)
May 14Snack ($2 popcorn at recess)
May 15Hot Lunch (Jugo Juice/Cobs)
May 15General PAC Meeting 7 pm
June 5Hot Lunch (Pizza)