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Principal’s Message

Holly is a school community made up of a caring and professional staff, a supportive and active parent group, and a hard-working enthusiastic student body. Our staff believes that providing students with hands-on learning experiences helps to create relevance for students, and when students are given the opportunity to connect with others, deeper learning emerges. Our students benefit from evidence-based practices such as process writing instruction, in which students write for real purposes and audiences. Our school-wide inquiry question, “What forms of assessment clearly communicate and support student learning while recognizing an inquiry-based approach to curricular engagement?” explores the best ways to use assessment to communicate and support student inquiry and learning. As we embark on our inquiry journey, it is our intention to honour and support the needs and interests of individuals while encouraging collaboration and thought as powerful tools of innovation and growth.

Social and emotional learning is also an integral part of our students’ development and their success. Educational success depends not only on academic achievement, but also on students’ ability to engage respectfully and responsibly with others. Holly Elementary has a wonderful school culture – rich in the minds, hearts and attitude of kids, staff and parents too!

Ms. V. Chapman, Principal

Parking Lot - Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Please note that we continue to have the Pick Up/Drop Off zone along the side of the parking lot closest to the field. Parents are not to leave their cars - your child is to meet you there if that is the plan. Your child can see you from the parking lot corner near the turn-about or from the field. Parking is available along the other side of the parking lot by the sidewalk and hedge. We also have parking in the middle of the lot and there is also parking on the West side of the school at Association Park and the Turf Parking lot. Finally, please watch for students. Pedestrians (students/parents) are to use the walkways, paths, sidewalks and crosswalks while around the parking lot. Drivers, please use absolute caution in our lot for the safety of our children.

Winter Weather

Please ensure that your children come to school dressed for the cold weather. As we move into the colder months it is important that children dress appropriately for the weather, even if they are being driven to and from school. If the weather is inclement, a double bell will ring at break times and students will stay indoors; however, students will be outside on most days during the breaks, and need to wear suitable clothing and footwear.

Our school phone number is 604-946-0218; Absentee Line: 604-946-5938. If your child is going to be away, please call and leave a message. The Holly School Calendar for  2014/15.