What’s Up At Holly

The “The Nerdy Narwhals”

We would like to recognize all of the Grade 4 and 5 students who competed in the Reading Link Challenge this year. The students had a list of 6 books to read and were quizzed with questions to test their comprehension skills.  We held our school challenge before Spring Break and the teams competed to see who would become the Holly champs. Congratulations to the “The Nerdy Narwhals” team that advanced to compete against other schools in the Delta School District finale.

The Nerdy Narwhals: Sarah, Arianna, Sofia, Aya, Shea

Kindness Week February 13 – 16

Kindness Tree  –  We are filling up our tree with kindness… Students will be adding hearts to the bare tree near the front of our school with their expressions of “kindness”……Keep an eye out and see how kindness blossoms.

Watch our Kindness Tree blossom this week


 Grade 5 – Division 6

Wood, rocks, paint, and screws, were some of the materials used by Mrs. Martin’s grade 5’s as they learned how to design, create, and assemble works of art before Christmas.