We Pay! So ALL Kids Can Play!

We pay for Delta children to play sports!

KidSport helps Delta families in financial need to get more kids off the sidelines and into the game!

Qualify for up to $350!

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2018 KidSport™ Delta Grant Application Guidelines

KidSport™ is a community based sport-funding program established in 1993 by Sport BC. KidSport™ provides grants for children ages 18 and under to participate in a sport season of their choice. There are 42 community chapters in BC and over 180 chapters across Canada. KidSport™ works to fulfill its mission of eliminating the financial barriers to sport participation, ‘So ALL Kids Can Play!’ For more information, please visit

Kidssport 2018-KS Delta application

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Lacrosse Camps

We are pleased to announce that the Indigenous Education Department has partnered with ISPARK (Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Council) to offer four Lacrosse Camps for elementary school aged children in grades 1-7.

These camps will be on 4 different dates at 4 different elementary schools (two North End schools and two South End schools). Please see attached poster for dates and times. Families are asked to register their children on-line beforehand: [ ]registration link

The camps will be run by Nathan Wilson, Indigenous Cultural Enhancement Worker, who is a certified Lacrosse Coach. The camps are offered to all Indigenous students and are open to Non-Indigenous students should they wish to attend as well. The children may sign up for as many camps as they would like. Arrangements for pick up and drop off is the responsibility of parents.

The camps run from 3:15 to 5:00 and healthy snacks are provided.


 All about Delta Academies!

Delta School District is one of the leading districts in the province in providing Academy opportunities for students. Please go to the Academies website for more information.